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Because every person diagnosed with cancer should have the opportunity to heal as well as possible and function at an optimal level during all stages of treatment and recovery.

What is PINC?

The PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Program is dedicated to improving the strength, quality of life and sense of wellbeing of women diagnosed with cancer.

P = Physiotherapists that deliver the program

I = Indvidualised sessions
N = Nurturing to reclaim quality of life
C = Cancer Rehabilitation

The program is specifically designed to maximise recovery, regain physical and emotional strength, improve body confidence and control. Services include manual physiotherapy, physical and functional assessments, individualised clinical pilates, exercise prescription, fatigue management and more.

It is suitable after any type of cancer surgery or treatment and accommodates all ages, fitness levels and mobility.For more information, come ask our physios or visit the official PINC website.

Mon - Fri: 8:00am-6:00pm

Sat: By Appointments

"We can help women maximise their own recovery and teach them what they can do to help themselves."

Lou James, founder.