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Amy Leung, Paediatric Physiotherapis


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Stephen Buchanan, BSc Accredited Exercise Physiologist

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Dr Amy Leung  is a Paediatric Physiotherapist with over 30 years of experience in the field of paediatrics. She has a passion to help babies and children with developmental concerns, postural issues, balance difficulties, and movement/coordination difficulties. Amy uses a holistic and family-centre approach in her assessment and treatment.

Amy has expertise in babies showing head position preferences and flat-head syndrome (plagiocehaly). This is her research area which provides valuable information for prevention and management of flat spot on babies' head.

She enjoys sewing & singing in her leisure time.

Stephen has been a very experienced exercise physiologist in Jimboomba and the surrounding areas for years. He will continue his expertise in setting up diabetic exercise group, bone strengthening and falls prevention groups. He also look after clients on one on one basis to improve sports performance and prevent injuries, Stephen designs and implements specialised exercise programs for patients covering a wide range of health conditions, from musculoskeletal rehabilitation through to chronic health issues.

Stephen is a keen surfer and enjoys surfing especially in the Sunshine Coast.